The Most Important Time to
Recharge Is Now

Introverted Women: Use your quiet strengths to get the career outcomes you want.

When It’s Time for a Change

This is the moment you realize there’s a puzzle piece missing!

Your need for work/life balance or a career that doesn’t drain your energy is a real thing.

You realize you need to make a change but you’re super busy juggling responsibilities (e.g., family, friends, career, crafts). You know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel but the way your life is set up right now, you have remained into your comfort zone because the routine is familiar. However, something is missing, and it occasionally pops in your thoughts.

You believe in the benefits of career clarity and planned to make moves to obtain it, but you’re taking smaller steps to get there because you’re being extra cautious about making the right decisions.

Perhaps you previously started on a career clarity journey but for various reasons, you didn’t obtain the outcomes you wanted. Now you’re ready to change course. Work on increasing those steps to make progress towards your goals.

You are determined to flow!

You are focused and motivated to learn and make the necessary changes on your career clarity journey. You will accomplish what you sought out to do. Remain flexible because the goals you obtain may be completely different from the ones you had in mind. Don’t forget to ask questions along the way and celebrate small to large victories.

Take moments of your time to write your goals in a journal so that you won’t forget that lightbulb moment.

Writing down what you want becomes powerful and meaningful. Make the move to get the clarity you need when you’re ready.

Clear the clutter from your path so you can take on the challenge of making your career goals a reality.

What I Offer

Introverted women ponder for hours, weeks, months, or even years on what and who we want to be. We want to know what makes us happy and what we would enjoy doing.

Quite often we get stuck in jobs and careers we hate because someone told us they would be great for us. Perhaps you read about it in a blog or book and thought yeah this is it.

But you soon realize, you’ve made a life-changing mistake. Now, you’re frustrated or bored to tears with the path you chose.

I will help you pivot and redirect your career journey so that you can finally discover the career that fits you.

Resume critique
  • You have written your resume but need a second pair of eyes to discover any spelling, grammatical, text, or tense errors you may have missed.
Resume Makeover
  • Your resume gets the silent treatment, and you don’t know what’s wrong with it. You need help with getting your foot in the door.
MOck interviews
  • You are confident on paper, but you have a hard time conveying your value during job interviews. You’re so tired of being ghosted.
Salary Negotiation strategy
  • Isn’t it past time you stopped being frustrated about your salary? Get the salary you deserve!


“I got the promotion! Stephanie gave me interviewing tips that I’ve never heard of or used before. Usually, my interviews fell flat, but this time the management team that interviewed me looked intrigued and were smiling the entire time. When it came time to discuss my pay, I was shocked to receive $30,000 more than my current salary!”
j. Abrams
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Charlotte, NC
“I’m so happy and thankful to you for helping me. I was a selected candidate for the SHRM Grant after you wrote the letter of recommendation for me! I was feeling a little bothered about my job search, but this helps me know that I’m going to add some additional skills that will make me even more marketable.”
M. Woodard
Senior Human Resources Coordinator
Atlanta, GA
“Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your expertise and knowledge. After speaking with you, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me.”
Y. Harris
Property Manager
Columbia, SC


Choose the path that best fits where you are on your career journey. One size coaching doesn’t fit all, therefore, you have the following four session options: by Zoom, phone, email, or in-person in the Charlotte, NC metro region.



One 60-Minute Session

One Resume Review



Two, 60-Minute Sessions

One Resume Edit

One LinkedIn Profile Review



Three, 60-Minute Sessions

Salary Negotiation Strategy

Personal Branding Strategy

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